We have a long-term experience in designing and implementing tools for model-driven software engineering. In particular, we adopt the MODUS Architecture as our framework for tool development, configuration and support in different engineering contexts.

Current tool Development

Past tool development

  • CVL Tool – CVL prototype implementation
  • DiVA Studio – Integrated set of DiVA solutions for developing and executing complex, self-adaptive systems
  • JArduino – MDE to manage communications with and between resource-constrained systems
  • Mediation Portal – Mediation portal used to express mediation algorithm and support benchmarking
  • Model Transformation Service (MTS) – Service entry point to manage, store and execute model transformations
  • MOFScript – Tool for model to text transformation
  • Service Modelling Editor – Service modelling editor based on Oryx
  • SiSaS Studio – Eclipse bundle to support the development of Scientific Software and Services
  • UML Profiles – UML profiles for Papyrus and Rational Software Architect (RSA)